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One of the most important parts of any building or structure is the roof and keeping it in top shape, especially in the harsh desert conditions of Phoenix, AZ like intense heat, torrential rain, high winds and dust storms. Various roofing materials are readily available on the market, and each type has its advantages and disadvantages. With regards to longevity, certain kinds of materials are far better than the others. However, if you consider the appearance, price, installation procedures, and maintenance required, some choices that might not seem practical at first might be the ideal fit over the long term for a residential home or commercial building.

Getting the best custom roof can be a little confusing because the type roofing material will depend on the situation and purpose. Knowing what to expect before the roofers ever begin the project will give customers a better idea of how the roof should function, the kind of maintenance it will require, if any, and when it's time to replace it.

Our roofing contractors located in Phoenix, Arizona are committed to providing the best residential and commercial roof repair, replacement and maintenance services. Our professional roofing contractors are licensed, insured, and bonded and are experts in handling roof repairs, roof replacements, and maintenance.




Commercial Roofing


The most important decision to make when planning for a roofing project or building, regardless if you are a professional designer, owner of the building or a commercial roofing contractor, is selecting the proper roofing system. Doing this can help owners and developers to protect their investment. On the other hand, making the big mistake of choosing the wrong roofing system can eventually lead to costly repairs and maintenance. Roofing contractors in Phoenix, AZ are experts in bringing solutions for any type and size of commercial roofing problems, providing quality services and the use of advanced technologies to guarantee the best customer satisfaction.






Foam Roofing


Foam (or SPF – Spray Polyurethane Foam) roofing is popular because of its durability and strength. Another significant advantage is that SPF roofing is a renewable system. This means that it can be recoated or repaired to provide greater longevity, unlike other roofs that must be removed and replaced during repairs. However, foam roofing requires a protective elastomeric (ability to stretch and return to original shape) top coat because it can dent easily and is susceptible to too much sunlight. Proper maintenance can make foam roofs to last for a very long time. Typical maintenance will include thorough cleaning, priming, and recoating every 10-15 years, depending on the amount and type of coating applied.






Metal Roofing


Metal roofing can also be used for residential and commercial buildings and structures. This type of roofing has become very popular because of its fire-resistant qualities, durability, appearance, reduction in energy costs, and its quick installation. Also, metal roofing is available in different styles, colors, and textures to suit the unique artistic demands of the customers. Metal roofing contractors use materials that are made from steel and aluminum, but there are also other materials used like alloy and copper although they are expensive. It can be applied over an existing roof. Installation requires the services of licensed roofing contractors.






Residential Roofing


Installing a new roof or updating an existing one gives added value to, and at the same expresses the ambiance and appearance of, a home. The type of material used for a roof can help bring the home’s exterior to the next level. Phoenix, AZ Roofing provides a wide range of residential roofing choices that are stylish as well as durable, made from the highest quality materials, and supported with the best product warranty.






Roofing Repairs

Inspecting the roof now and then can be a big factor in determining the longevity of the roof and the expenses that will be required for maintenance. However, unexpected events such as heavy storms can damage even the best roofs. Some damage to the roof might not be noticeable to individuals who are not trained to detect it and getting regular roof inspections can prevent minor problems from becoming major ones. The type of material and style of roofing will dictate the cost. Shingle roofs, for example, are much easier to repair than slate or tile roofs. Phoenix roofers can fix several common problems with the following type of roofing materials:

Tile – A tile roof, either concrete or clay, can last a lifetime. However, what causes a roof to leak is when the felt underneath the tile becomes damaged or cracked. This can happen over time as the felt contracts and expands during the cold and hot weather. The felt is typically made of asphalt and gets brittle over the years. Leaks happen when water trickles down the damaged or cracked felt under the tile. In most cases, leaks are detected along pipe installations, skylights, chimneys, or when there are broken or displaced tiles. Learn more about tile roof repair by visiting tile roof repair Phoenix.

Foam – Foam or Spray Polyurethane Foam SPF) roofing is by far much easier to repair compared to other roofing systems. A caulking gun can solve minor foam roof damage which might be mechanically caused by personnel or equipment. For larger holes or damages, the roofing contractor will apply a new layer of foam and coating to seal the damaged area.

Metal – Metal roofing is practically easy to clean and requires less maintenance. On the other hand, this type of roofing can also be easily dulled or scratched, or its paint gets chipped over the years. Also, water seepage can also happen around seams and joints. Hiring a qualified metal roofer is therefore highly recommended for installing metal roofing or for doing minor or major repairs.

Flat – Flat roofing materials such as tar and gravel (BUR’s or built-up roofing), repairs are frequently done by simply applying a new layer of the same material on top of the existing level surface. However, age-old flat roofing preferences are becoming outdated because people find single-ply and foam roofing to be a more practical choice. These new types of roofing are more environmentally-friendly and can even lower cooling costs.


Qualified and professional roofers must perform complicated and bigger roofing jobs. Most common roofing repairs can cost less and are obviously more practical than having a new roof installed.

Keep in mind though that when experience and reliability is a matter of importance when choosing roofing contractors in Phoenix. Ask for and compare warranties, check the licenses and bonds, as well as proof of the contractor’s liability insurance.

Regardless whether the roofing problems involve a residential home, an apartment, or commercial property, roofing contractors in Phoenix, AZ have a team of experts and the latest modern equipment to provide solutions to any roofing issues. Roofers in Phoenix, Arizona have many years of experience, and their satisfied customers will guarantee that you will get the quality service and excellent roofing result that you demand.

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