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A properly designed and installed roof will prevent water from leaking or seeping into buildings and structures and prevent damage to the interior, furnishings, and equipment of your home or building. Our roofers are experts in the installation, repair, and replacement of one or more of these roofing systems:



  • Low-slope

Low-slope roofs are are conventionally installed in several layers of roofing materials or with felt membranes that are bonded with a tar-like substance (bitumen). Nowadays, modern low-slope roofs are made from thermoplastic compound (foam roofing), waterproof rubber, or single-ply membrane. Low slope roofs are characterized by an incline or rise of less than 3 inches per horizontal foot. Nearly all residential, commercial, industrial, and apartment buildings use this method.

  • Steep-slope

Steep-slope roofs are defined by a rise of more than 3 inches per horizontal foot. This type of roofing generally use

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