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Roofing Contractors Scottsdale AZ, Arizona Certain roofing materials are prone to more repair and maintenance than others. With other roofing types, replacement and installation of a new roof with a different material is often the best option than extensive repairs. The majority of leaks are often similar in nature. Below are helpful tips from roofers in Scottsdale, AZ to determine the most common causes of roofing problems that require repair. Roofing companies can immediately fix these problems if one notices any of these signs:

  • Blown off or missing shingles – no matter what material shingles are made of, they are always likely to be lifted  up, blown away, or peeled by strong winds, although lighter materials are more prone to this than the heavy ones. This can leave the roof surface and underlayment of the structure exposed to the elements.
  • Cracked skylight or blown off chimney flashing – water can seep into cracked skylights or from its worn seals. Likewise, leaks happen if chimney flashing or sealant gets blown away from the chimney or roof due to high winds, or due to old caulking.
  • Ice dams – this happens when melted snow refreezes on the roof. Ice dams create barriers or walls preventing water from flowing down the drain or into the gutters.
  • Inadequate or low slope roof set up – issues like this make it susceptible to wind damage just like flat roofing and can also prevent water run-off in areas that experience plenty of rain.
  • Leaking or damaged pipe flashing – water can seep through the interior of vent pipes if the pipe flashing or the sealant gets worn out or damaged.
  • Missing Shingle Granules – granules are the stony surface of shingles that protects the shingle from UV rays or from frequent walking on the roof. Too much exposure can wear off the granules, leaving the shingle bare.
  • Valleys – these are the angles that are formed when two perpendicular sloped roof panels come together. Fungus built up, lifted tiles, or improper maintenance can cause damage to flashing where much of the rainwater is channeled down to the valleys.


In certain cases, it is fairly easy for roofers to find the leak because of the obvious leaking inside the house. However, there are other leaks that cannot be spotted but is evident because of damage to wood or underlayment and the odor. Leaks are much easier to detect on flat roofing, but more inspection might be needed on sloped roofs to find the cause of leaks.

At other times, it might be the flashing around your chimney or vent pipes and not the roof itself that is leaking. Gutters could also be a major cause of water leaks. However, although the leak is obvious, hiring roofing contractors in Scottsdale, AZ is recommended so that a careful inspection of the roof will be performed to make sure that there are no more possible problem areas on the roof. The sooner the roofing contractors can locate the leak, the less expensive it is to repair the roof.


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