Tile Roof Repair

Why Tile Roofing Over Other Other Materials?

In various areas of Arizona, tile roofing is relatively common. Initially, tile roofing may be more expensive to install than metal, asphalt, wood shake, or shingle roofs, but they are be worth the investment in the long run because they also last much longer – from 50 up to 70 years, depending on the quality – when compared with other types of roofs.  

Conventional clay tile roofs are very heavy and at times require more structural support than other roofing materials. On the other hand, modern tile roofing is now available on the market featuring lightweight varieties of traditional clay tiles which can be used on the majority of buildings and structures without the need for additional support.


Advantages of Using Tile Roofing

In addition to long lifespan and the artistic appeal of tile roofs, there are several other advantages that tile roofing offers, such as:

  • Because of its visual appeal that adds beauty to any structure, tile roofs can also add to the resale value of a home or building.
  • There are various accessories available for tile roofs like cloaked attic vents, bird stops, apexes, hip starters, and many others.
  • Tile roofs are exceptional insulators.
  • Tile roofs are fire-proof and categorized into class-A rating.
  • Tile roofs are more resistant to harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, earthquakes, and other extreme weathers.
  • Tile roofs complement or highlight the exterior finish or paint of almost any residential or commercial structures or buildings.
  • Tile roofs have a wide array of finishes and styles to choose from.


The Disadvantages You Should Know Before Installing A Tile Roof

There can also be a few disadvantages to using tile and its main drawback is the cost of initial installation. Other drawbacks of tile roofs include the difficulty of installing them because they are not only heavy but brittle, too. They might break under the weight of the roofer while working on them. In addition, tile roofing needs additional support to properly install it.

When it comes to installing, repairing, or providing solutions to tile roofing problems, tile roof repair in Phoenix, AZ are ready to help with their team of expert and licensed roofers. Tile roof repairs can be categorized into the following conditions:

  • Broken or Slipped Tiles

The best and cost effective option for broken or slipped tiles is proper maintenance and inspection of the roof.  Not only will the tiles be replaced, but the roof will get a thorough maintenance and inspection to ensure the customers that their roofs are in safe and good condition. It is highly recommended to have maintenance done every 3 – 5 years to help prevent possible leaks in the future as well as keep the roof in top condition.

  • Damaged Wood

Roof leaks are sometimes caused by damaged wood which usually happens on old roofs. Repair may include replacing the area of the roof from the eaves all the way to the edge of the roof. This is a more practical and less expensive step measure than merely replacing the damaged wood and pulling up the first few rows of tile because the old tile roof obviously has worn-out felt and any effort to connect the new felt to the old one will never have good results.  

  • New Tile Roof (10 years or less)

New tile roofs seldom have leak or water seepage issues, but if it does, the problem may not be roof-related and might be caused by wind-driven rain coming in from a vent.  A careful inspection and proper maintenance may take care of the issue which may include replacing broken tiles, repositioning displaced tiles, removing loose debris from the grooves and surface of the roof, or checking and resealing.

  • Middle-Aged Tile Roof (10 -20 years)

An aging and worn-out felt underneath the tiles are usually the cause of leaks in middle-aged tile roofs. A repair of the section where the leak is originating up to the ridge of the roof is necessary.

  • Old Tile Roof (20 years or more)

Tile roofs that are 20 years old or more might need a complete makeover of a section or the entire roofing area.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and it is wise to choose the best quality tile roofing materials, regardless if it involves repairing, maintaining, replacing, or restoring an existing roof or building a new one. Tile roofs have become popular because of its attractive look and durability, in addition to its efficiency and economic benefits over other roofing products available in the market today.



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